Ep#23 Daily Tech Show: Cloud Optimization with Rick Ochs from Turbonomic

September 8, 2021

About Rick Ochs

Rick is a Principal Product Manager for Turbonomic’s cloud product line. Prior to leading Turbo’s cloud product, Rick worked at Microsoft, where he led Microsoft’s internal cloud optimization and migration programs, as well as the CSEO cloud architecture organization. When Rick is not passionately talking about the future of elastic and cost-effective cloud environments, he enjoys equally nerdy things like building and overclocking PCs, reading science fiction novels, and spending time convincing his children that the Empire was right to attempt to put down a terrorist organization like the Rebellion.

Ep#23 Daily Tech Show: Cloud Optimization with Rick Ochs from Turbonomic

Cloud Optimization to be or not to be optimized is the question but when should you really optimize your cloud. Is it during the digital transformation process or should I do it afterwards. Today we’re finding out if this whole cloud optimization thing has gone too far or are you not spending enough time understanding what it really means to be cloud optimized but we’re not stopping there….. Rick has a passion for Cloud Optimization and it doesn’t matter what cloud or tools you’re using. What matters is the process in which you implement a Digital Transformation along with continued optimization of your cloud environment. Rick answers questions like “What’s so hard about cloud optimization?” and “How come there hasn’t been a clear leader to emerge?”. But also, he’s going to give you some tips on the four best ways to optimize your cloud environment.

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