Ep#24 Daily Tech Show: No More Paper Notebooks! reMarkable 2 Unboxing & Experience

September 10, 2021

Do you still take notes the old fashion way? If so, you probably find yourself transferring your pen and paper notes to an electronic format later. I personally do this often and I want to save some time. So, I have decided to try the Remarkable 2, the next generation paper tablet.

The Remarkable 2 claims to

  • have a display that looks and feels like paper
  • allows you to take notes directly on PDFs
  • easy on the eyes reading
  • allows you to keep all your notes organized and accessible on all devices

In this episode you will see me unbox the Remarkable 2 and navigate through the easy setup process.

The Remarkable 2 comes with a free 30 day money back guarantee so you can bet on day 29ish I will bring you another episode to update you on how I think it works. Will I keep it or send it back?

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