What is this show about? I'm bringing weird quirkiness to the podcasting industry for tech and the public cloud. I'm the Ellen of Tech and the Luke Bryan of podcasting. This show isn't for everyone but one thing it is, it's a show that allows us to be ourselves while providing fun, entertaining, educational content around public cloud topics.

I've been working from home since 2015 and even though the pandemic didn't change the place I worked, it changed my perspective on myself and how we act. One thing I've learned over the past year is that all of us carry two personas: a work personality and a home personality. The problem with that is we couldn't just be ourselves. Now that most of our co-workers are remote and our lives are on conference calls, we can't just switch between the two personas when our kids make a surprise visit on camera and you need to go from career mode to Dad mode.

It's time to be ourselves whenever and where ever!

Jon Myer

A husband, and father of 3 wonderful kids who turned into a Podcaster during the pandemic. If you told me in early 2020 I would be making content or doing a podcast, I probably would have said "Nah, I couldn't see myself making YouTube videos". In fact, I told my kids, no way am I going to make videos for YouTube. Well, a year later I'm over 250 uploads and growing.

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My family is everything to me. After working hard in the IT industry, and giving up a lot of family time, my focus has changed. Family first, I make time to do things throughout the work day with them because having that work-life harmony is important to me. My kids are awesome and I want them to grow up knowing that I've spent time with them and not always working. Sure, I have a career that I'm always working on but that doesn't mean I've changed my focus.

To My Wife

Thank you for always supporting me and my career or passions for holding this family together and being our foundation. I read a post the other day by a friend of mine that I am very accurate when it comes to you. It said, "You are my cheat code". That means whenever things are getting tough in the "game of life", I can always count on you to help navigate it.

I love you!

Note: Not featured is my oldest daughter