Ep#36 AWS Hero to Sr. Developer Advocate in Africa, Veliswa Boya

November 10, 2021

About Veliswa Boya

I am a Senior Developer Advocate working especially with – but not limited to – developers in the sub-Saharan Africa region.

Formerly an AWS Community Hero – first woman out of Africa, to be named an AWS Hero.

My tech background includes software developer, business and systems analysis, solutions architecture and cloud engineering.

I believe that what’s led me to my current role is my belief that technology can change the world and change lives – therefore no one should be left behind in what I call the tech revolution that includes technologies like cloud, machine learning etc. I advocate for inclusion of others in this world of technology. I have a passion for Africa and I believe in the talent that Africa has – I advocate for developers from Africa, for opportunities for visibility here and beyond our borders.

I mentor those who are looking to get into tech or looking for help in navigating their way through tech and careers in general.

Favourite tech topics on AWS: Architecting on AWS, Building resilient architectures, AI/ML

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