Ep#187 Mastering FinOps Without Data with Erik Norman

March 12, 2024

Episode Summary

#finops #awscloud #costoptimization

Dive into an enlightening conversation on The Jon Myer Podcast with our distinguished guest, Erik Norman, a FinOps specialist from Italy, who challenges conventional wisdom by embracing data-driven strategies even in the absence of data. Uncover Erik's unique journey from software engineering to becoming a global subject matter expert in system integration, and how a pivot during a critical time led him to the cloud and FinOps. This episode is a must-watch for anyone interested in cloud cost optimization, efficient cloud migration, and the transformative power of a data-informed approach, even when data is scarce.

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About the Guest

Erik Norman

is the CEO of Caligo, a boutique FinOps Consultancy, helping customers globally reducing their cloud costs and jumpstarting their FinOps journey.

#aws #awscloud #finops #cloudcomputing #costoptimization

Episode Show Notes & Transcript

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