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Myer Media's natural podcast & customer review programs are the "secret weapon" that the world’s best tech marketers rely on to generate qualified sales pipelines.
Our programs include:

Conversation Driven Podcast Marketing

Independent Trusted Community Voice

Attention Grabbing Brand Awareness

Social Media Syndication (YouTube, Instagram, Twitter)

High Quality, "Done for you Content"

Content Advisory Services

Targeted audience engagement using natural conversations increases viewer retention and organic brand awareness. Hot-topic techcasts or custom case studies not only help strengthen your brand but directly reach your targeted audience.


"I really enjoyed myself. It's a great engaging and technical conversation."
- Sr. Cloud Architect @ PTP, Aaron Jeskey

Organic Engagement that ties into the human aspect!

Podcast Consulting

From Startups to Enterprises, just getting started brands, to well-known brands. Your Podcasts becomes your voice and an ideal way to engage new and existing audiences.

Complete Podcast Brand building

Hosting & Content Creation

Equipment & Gear Guidance

End-to-End planning

Interview Playbooks & Templates

Syndication & Amplification

Our proven approach to creating attention grabbing and compelling conversational content will create your position as thought leaders and valuable ambassadors for your brand.

podcast consulting

"I loved it. I'm glad that I felt comfortable enough to share this and I was able to joke around. Something that I feel like we as CloudSmart will do again!"

— Principal Marketplace Architect, @ CloudSmart, Trés Vance

People Buy from Brands They Trust.


Customized Workshops / Immersion Days

Workshop or Immersion Day content that provide Developers, Engineers, and Practitioners the hands on experience using your product or services.

The custom content we create for your brand is purpose-built for:

Immersion Day Guide or Tutorial

Customized Workshop Content

Self-paced, In-person Event or Hybrid

In-depth approach & unlock business potential

Hands-on experience building

Solution Focused Designs

"We learned more about how our product works through Jon because he had the independent approach and an understanding of what our customers really do with our platform!"

— Principal Product Manager, Cloud Optimization Vendor

People Trust People!

Attention Grabbing Demos

Developers, Engineers, and Technical people want information fast and right to the point. By prioritizing what's important to them we create attention grabbing demo's that highlight a brand, new or existing features, and the solution so they can spend less time searching and more time innovating.

Engaging Short-Form Product Demos

Right to the point Features or New Releases

SEO Focused Quality

Deep-Dive in Minutes

Brand and Audience Awareness

Internal & External Sales Enablement Content

Our proven approach to high attention grabbing and engaging content wrapping into short-form video will reach the right audience. We create content that matters, targeting those who will use and influence your product or services use.


“Of all the content we create and social influencers we work with, Jon's content both hits the mark and delivers what he promises!”

— Director, Public Cloud, Sam

Trusted by the Technology Industry’s Leading Vendors

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Identify & Access Mgmt


Public Cloud Architecture


Artificial Intelligence




Data Security






Edge Computing


Intrusion Detection






Social Influencer


Private Cloud



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Machine Learning


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