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Great for improving relationships with distributors, partners, and consumers. They provide assurance that your brand is being received positively.


Voice of the Customer - Vox Pop Style (Conferences, Expos, and/or Events)

Vox Pop (on-the-street) is a short video made up of clips taken from live, in-person, and on-location interviews. During conferences, expos, and/or events.

LIVE in-person Conference, Expo, or on-the-street style interview

Immediate customer feedback on brand, services, or products

Encourages a mind-set of Transparency and Authenticity

Contextualize & Embed your brand and company values

Internal Interviews for induction, on-boarding, or hiring

In 2022 alone we helped our clients generate HUNDREDS of hours of high-engagement content that generated awareness and pipeline growth! We've done this by mastering the art of engagement, conversation, and storytelling so your brand and value get noticed, and customers find you.
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Voice of the Customer

Organic Engagement that ties into the human aspect!

Mixed Media / Customer Case Studies

Compelling Customer Case Study produced by mixing b-roll, demo videos, and/or multiple interview clips.

Case Studies Help Build Trust between You and Your Customers

Business Credibility and Credibility Ultimately leads to Trust

Customer Point of View

Build Image and Brand Recognition

Bring New Leads and Clients

People Love Winners

Your business can benefit from drawing attention to your more high-profile clients!

customer interview
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"I loved it. I'm glad that I felt comfortable enough to share this and I was able to joke around. Something that I feel like we as CloudSmart will do again!"

— Principal Marketplace Architect, @ CloudSmart, Trés Vance

People Buy from Brands They Trust.

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Customized Workshops / Immersion Days

Dedicate hands-on workshops and training modules that help develop the skills needed to use your product to the fullest potential!

The custom content we create for your brand is purpose-built for:

Hands-on & Fully Customized workshop for your product or service(s)

Designed to educate your customers on New or Existing Features

Targeted for the Technical Audience (Beginner to Advanced)

Step-by-Step Instructions or Tutorial

In-person event(s)

“Of all the content we create and social influencers we work with, Jon's content both hits the mark and delivers what he promises!”

— Director, Public Cloud, Sam

People Trust People!


Fun, Entertaining, but also informative! Humanize the people behind the brand.

People Trust People! People buy from People!

Educate others about your brand

Inspire Brand Awareness & Utilization

Storytelling allows listeners to empathize with the person behind the brand

Avoid the Bias of Mainstream Media

Learn Unique Topics from Diverse Individuals

There truly is something out there for everyone to learn!

Day 1 Tia - Belle Fleur5
"I really enjoyed myself. It's a great engaging and technical conversation."
- Sr. Cloud Architect @ PTP, Aaron Jeskey

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