Movo Video Rig Review

January 2, 2022

Movo Video Rig - Amazon (Paid Link)

Are you looking for one of those awesome video rigs that you can easily transport move around and is lightweight for those spontaneous moments while traveling through conferences or to special events? Well, today I'm going to review the Movo video rig.

Now it isn't like one of those fancy rigs where the gimbal, which I do have it. This is pretty cool. I like it. The stability on it is really awesome. I've shot a number of videos using this around some racetracks.

I wanted something a little bit less big, I guess, a little bit less bulky, and I wanted something that would easily move around with me and that I could carry throughout an entire day. This does get a little heavy versus this, but there's nothing wrong with it. Each have their own uses. The reason that I wanted to do a quick product review on the mobile video rig is that I was recently out at AWS Reinvent and I had a number of inquiries about it, including the security guard at the Bellagio who thought it was a drone controller.

No, it's not, folks.

It's very simple, lightweight, easy to use, and I'm going to walk through how first of all, it fits my iphone Pro 13 so well, I even have a case on my iphone 13, and you just slide it in, tighten it down and it doesn't come out at all very light and easy to use. Okay, let's talk about some of the benefits and features of the mobile video rig. Now you could easily attach so many items to it. It has some hooks on the side. You could do your rode shotgun mic, wireless mics.

You can attach a light on it. What you can put is into a tripod. Now there's an attachment I put mine in my tripod, or I also had mine on my desk using a mini tripod to hold it up and do some recordings on the front. After you put your iphone in, you do have two builtin levels. You can turn it actually sideways if you want to do a portrait versus a landscape.

Now, everything that I do is in landscape view, easily to carry around fits nicely within my laptop bag for travel went right through the X ray machines. No problems whatsoever. If you're interested in purchasing this, I have a link in the description below. I got off at Amazon, so the mobile was definitely something that I would recommend. It was quick, easy to put on your wrist carry around like this, and I could just pull it up quickly, press, play, and capture any video event that was happening or what I thought would be great content throughout the conference.

It was definitely something that I would recommend for anybody that's looking for some quick, easy carry. Now it doesn't have a stabilizer. You are it, but you can hold it out and do everything you need to without holding your phone. Typically, what happens? You hold your phone like this and you're like, yeah, I got it and you're bending on your Pinky and hurting things.

Now, folks, I'm going to include a link in the description and below. If you're interested in purchasing the product, I would recommend it. I'm not saying one or the other. The Gimbal is definitely really great for the stabilization where this is easy to carry around. It's very lightweight and does give you some of the flexibility with additional attachments.

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