Ep#73 In-depth Tutorial of VDO Ninja Director Panel Part 1

June 30, 2022

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Jon Myer

Episode Summary

VDO.Ninja Day 3

Welcome to Part 1 or 3 for VDO Ninja where we talk about the command center or the director panel in-depth in a three part series because there is just that much to show you Adding the director as a performer or participant to the group chat Director Guest communication Additional Scene Options for a guest and how that relates to obs studio Lets get started!

Episode Show Notes & Transcript

Host: Jon

Welcome to day three of video ninja, where we talk about the command center or director panel in depth. Today, I'm gonna show you how to add the director as a performer or participant to the group. Chat the director to guest communication, and then scenes working with various scenes throughout video ninja and OBS studio and how you can configure them. Let's get started now for a quick interruption, a huge shout out to our friends at Veeam for sponsoring this episode, Veeam backup for AWS can easily protect all of your Amazon EC two RDS and VPC data. Wait a second. They can protect my VPC data too. Yep. That's right. Simplify AWS, backup and recovery while ensuring security and compliance. All right. Now, back to our episode, some of the things that I have set up, I have a Chrome browser and I went to VDO.Ninja where I'll be creating a room as a director.

Host: Jon

I also am using Firefox with a separate camera to show you what guests look like. If you open VDO.Ninja, enter a room name, and for the purpose of this tutorial, I'm not gonna add a password, but I don't recommend doing that in the future. Now you have a few options. The guests can see the director, but not other guest videos. And then the director will be performing as well or appearing in group scenes. For this video I checked off, the director will be performing as well and appearing in group scenes. Now let's enter the room's control center in the director's role. Afterwards, I've added two guests to the director panel for each guest. I'm gonna mute the speaker, not the microphone because I wanted you to see how the audio looks in OBS studio. I'm using Firefox for my other video source back within Chrome within the group chat.

Host: Jon

Notice how both of the guests are showing up. Let's go back to the director panel and I'll show you some additional things. How about we send a message to one of our guests. If you click on message type, hello, send the message back over to my Firefox. Notice that it says director. Hello works out pretty good. Doesn't it? Okay. Let's head back to our director panel and let's see what solo talk looks like. Now. If you wanna perform solo talk as the director, don't forget to enable your audio. I showed you how this is done in video two. So take a look at that and you could go from there. I won't be enabling for this, but I wanted to show you that it is available. Close that out. What does highlight guess look like click on highlight, go to the group chat. And only that guest is available.

Host: Jon

This is actually really unique because it allows you to highlight as a speaker view. So if you look at other conferencing tools, when a speaker is talking, they might pop up immediately on the screen. I'll show you what that looks like within OBS studio in a moment, uncheck, highlight guest, and let's go on from there. Now let's add the group scene to OBS studio. Don't forget that this scene is scene zero, click copy group scene, head on to OBS studio. And I already have a scene set up, but I want to add a browser source. If you click on add browser source and then paste the URL in below, I'll change the width or height to 1920 by 10 80, and then check off control audio via OBS and click. Okay? Okay. Now we have our group scene. Notice the audio lows are moving for this tutorial. I'll show you what mute and scene looks like as well. Let's head back to the director panel and let's play around with scene one or scene two and how we can have certain guests in certain scenes, head back over to VDO.Ninja in our director panel. Once you're in the director panel for my second, guess I'll gonna click off the, but, and that says, add to scene one. Now, how does that work within OBS studio? Let's take a look, head back to OBS studio and we'll add another browser source. We'll call that scene one.

Host: Jon

Let's paste a URL in here. We'll change the width and height and check off the audio source before I click. Okay. Let's take a look at the URL. And how do we note that this is gonna be scene one showing up right here? It says scene. It doesn't say scene equals by default. Everybody's dropped into scene zero. If we just enter scene equals one. Now we're specifying what participants we want in each scene. After you enter scene equals one click. Okay. And let's see what it looks like. Perfect. Now I only have one participant showing up within scene. One, notice that the audio levels are still going because we have both scenes act of let's see what it looks like when we mute within a scene, let's head back to video dot and the director panel and mute the guests. I'll do that for both of my guests, just so you can see that the audio levels will drop for each after I clicked on mute back in OBS studio noticed that the audio levels are not moving pretty good.

Host: Jon

Maybe you need the mute background noise. Something's causing an issue, whatever it is you have full control. Now there are additional scene options available to you. Not only can you do scene 0 1 2, but if you look at the director panel, there's additional ones that go all the way up to eight back in the director panel, click on more scene options and you have seen 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and eight available full control on who and what you want in which scene I'll click on unmute the guests. I'll leave my other guest in scene one, but now what if I want the first guest in scene one as well, but I don't want them in scene two. You can click multiple scenes, click on, add scene one. And we're gonna add this guest to scene two and see what that looks like and control it from the director panel.

Host: Jon

And you don't have to control it from OBS studio though. You can do it from either or creating multiple scenes or options and move things around using the customizable link. Click on, add to scene two. Now remember I still have the URL copy to my clipboard. If you don't click on copy link, head back over to OBS studio. We added another browser source called S two drop in that link and then change the scene to scene equals two. Don't forget to change the width and height. Perfect. Now I'm available within scene two and just this guess I can move plenty around. I can change and add scenes, whatever I'm viewing for the live stream or within OBS studio. That's, what's actually being visible and available to you within video ninja. Okay. Let's disable scene one and two. So we get back to our group chat and see what the highlight guest looks like within OBS studio disabled scene two and one. Now we have our group chat head back to the director panel, click on highlight guests for one of the guests. I'm gonna do it for this one. Head back to OBS studio and notice that I can control one guest and highlight them specifically within a scene. And I don't have to change scenes around. I don't have to change OBS studio around this concludes video ninja director panel or the command center. If you like this head on over to my YouTube channel for more videos around video ninja.