Ep#69 VDO.Ninja The Director Panel Solution

June 8, 2022

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About the Guest

Jon Myer

Episode Summary

VDO.Ninja Day 2 The Director Panel Solution and how it can help you manage guests.

Episode Show Notes & Transcript

Host: Jon

Welcome to day two, about VDO.Ninja in day one, we talked about video ninja. What it is, how to use it with OBS studio today, we're gonna be diving into the director panel and discussing how to create a room, how to invite guests to the room, how to customize those settings or unique URLs for the guests, how to add guests or scenes to OBS studio, and as a director, should you add your camera or not? Let's get started. The first thing we wanna do is to create a room, give it a room name, and a password for our users to connect to. After that, there are some advanced options that we aren't gonna talk about right now, but in future releases, I'll dive into them. When you log into the control center or the director panel, you're gonna see four guests, and these are just silhouettes, basically placeholders.

Host: Jon

Once you add your first guest, you'll notice that they go away and you'll see the guests. There's some advanced customization options that I'm gonna dive into in the next video right afterwards. But for the purpose of this one, what I wanna do is add our first guest. I'm gonna click on the link, open up a browser, and then add the URL to it. Remember, if you forget the password, you can go back to the director panel, look into URL and the password's available to you. It's not housed anywhere else. Copy the password. Go into it. When you have the screen up and open, you have two options. Join room with the camera or screen share with the room. If you click the dropdown arrow like in before you have additional options, but we're not gonna talk about them just yet. For the purpose of this tutorial, what we're gonna do is add a guest to the group, chat or peer to peer, click on join room with a camera.

Host: Jon

And then I will add my black magic camera with no audio, because I don't want any feedback select no audio, click start. There you go. Successfully added back in the director panel. You'll see that our guest is completely available with some advance options. You can hit these drop down button. Don't worry. We're gonna go over these in a future video release. What I wanna do is I want to add my second guest this time. I'm gonna add my GoPro so you can see the difference. We're gonna follow the same steps that we did before via pasting the URL, and then the password we'll join with our camera. And I'm gonna select my USB capture card for my GoPro select no audio click start. And now I have two guests within my group chat. Okay, now we have both guests in the group chat, but how do we get them into OBS studio while we can copy each individual link and add it into OBS studio?

Host: Jon

So let's see how that works out. Back in the director panel, let's minimize additional controls and more seen options. Let's click on our first guest. Now that I have to copy the solo link. Let's open up OBS studio, add a browser source, name it guest one. And then we'll add the URL here. Don't forget to check off the control audio via OBS. And I have my first guess let's move them down just a little bit. And back in the director panel, we're gonna copy our solo link for the second guest. Add another browser source called guest two, drop my link and then add 'em to OBS studio. Once my second guest is available, we can rearrange things and make it look good. You remember you're gonna have overlays video streams, so we have to move some things around. Yeah, that's probably good enough, but what's an easier way to add this to OBS studio without adding each individual guest head back to video ninja.

Host: Jon

And let's take a look at capture a group scene. If you click on customize there's additional options available that we're gonna be going over in a future video for now, let's click copy the link and back in OBS studio, we'll disable the guess that we currently have so that you can see what it looks like without anything behind the scenes at a new browser source called scene zero, but I'm gonna give it a 1920 x 1080, and don't forget to check off control audio via OBS and click. Okay, there you go. Now I have both guests in OBS studio ready for the live stream. No resizing needed at all. This will work for multiple guests, but what happens when you want to add your director camera and audio so that the group can be able to communicate with each other. Let's add our director, video and audio and see what that looks like back within a director panel of VDO.Ninja at the bottom, I clicked enabled director's microphone or video on the right hand side.

Host: Jon

I selected my video and I will select no audio to just minimize any feedback. Where's the video. If you look at the bottom, I have this little bit of a video and back in a group chat. Here's the director. The director's easily able to communicate with the guests, but what does that look like in OBS studio? Is the director there? No, the director has not been added to the scene. We haven't enabled the director to be part of the scene. As a director. You don't want to be added there. You wanna be able to control everything that concludes my video on creating a room and the director panel or the control center within video ninja. If you like this video, head on over to my YouTube channel for more videos around VDO.Ninja