Ep#33 Burnout is Real! Time to get grounded w/ Marisa OlGrady-Kessner

October 27, 2021

About Marisa OlGrady-Kessner

I help leaders start healing from burnout to help them become the empowered leader that they
want to be.

WEBSITE: https://www.groundingsource.com/

My pursuit to create Grounding Source began while working in wilderness therapy as a senior
field instructor in 2016, when I was able to see on a weekly basis that intention and ceremony
have lasting change on individuals. I believe that in connecting with the intimacy provided by the
earth and solo wilderness experience, we learn deeper ways to maintain relationships with
ourselves and with the ones around us.
This interaction allows for a more authentic, non-judgmental view of ourselves. Throughout my
years working in a number of different wilderness environments, I have spent over 15,000 hours
facilitating intentional wilderness experiences that have challenged myself and those around me.
My mission is to help you witness the power of the wilderness.