Ep#31 Daily Tech Show: Stop lifeguarding and cannonball into the deep end with Dr. Liz Dennett

October 13, 2021

About Dr Liz

Aspirationally Chaotic Good.
Have you ever stopped to catch a snowflake in your mouth? There is an absurd joy in feeling it quickly melt, realizing that this morsel of frozen water is billions of years old and undergoing a rapid chemical transformation.
This grand sense of wonder and awe is something I want to impart to everyone I meet.

<<All opinions presented here are my own, as with everything in life, your mileage may vary.>>
Liz Dennett is a passionate technologist with over a decade of experience using data-driven approaches to solve pressing energy challenges. She has demonstrated success pioneering novel data types, architectures, and analytics solutions through the energy value chain including new energy solutions. Liz is currently a VP of Data Architecture at Wood Mackenzie. Prior to that Liz was the Lead Solutions Architect for Energy Data Platforms at Amazon Web Services (AWS), and held various roles of increasing scope and complexity within AWS, Biota Technology, Hess Corporation, and the NASA Astrobiology Institute. Liz holds a MS and PhD in Geoscience from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and has completed executive education at the Haas School of Business. Liz’s passions include building things, board games, and stubbornly refusing to believe things are “hard”.