Ep#26 Daily Tech Show: Are you Cloud Native? with Cuemby CEO Angel Ramirez

September 22, 2021

About Angle Ramirez

Angel is an entrepreneur and hands-on tech CEO who drives the vision and innovation behind Cuemby, following the mantra of “Do it once, do it right.”
As a Cloud-Native expert, Angel supports organizations designing and implementing Digital as well as Cloud transformation. He also supports several investment firms conducting technology due diligence in Application Architecture, Infrastructure, InfoSec, and Software Development.

Angel has a passion for sharing his knowledge through public speaking as a Cloud Native Computing Foundation member, helping the Hispanic community access content in their native language. His love for Open-source technologies led him to become an advocate for Cloud Native technologies and Kubernetes. As one of the early adopters of Kubernetes, he is a certified Kubernetes administrator and part of the team that curates the exam for the CNCF and Linux Foundation.