Ep#25 The Secrets of Successful Podcasting with Eric Wright

September 15, 2021

About Eric Wright

My philosophy in work is a simple one that comes from years of practical experience. There are three components in an IT organization; those are People, Process and Technology. The order of those is as important as any of the individual components. Simply put, the IT organization empowers business needs through technology. And that technology is driven through people and processes.
An IT organization needs to be agile, as well as dependable. Agility comes from a strong group of people who are knowledgeable, dynamic and are able to respond effectively as a team. That same team is required to deliver consistency so that a business can be confident of their position at all times.

Throughout my years of experience I have developed some personal principles:

1. The priority is customer satisfaction – We must strive at all times to meet and exceed the customer expectations.
2. Communicate effectively and often – Effective communication is the key to delivering complete solutions.
3. Automate where possible – DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself). Use automation where appropriate to reduce manual processes.
4. Empower the customer through self-service – The best way to ensure adoption is through active customer interaction and simple self-serve processes.
5. Support your team – An effective team works as a collective. Be a mentor, a peer and a student.
6. Balance – Work and Life, Effort and Result. Do your best to balance in all that you do
7. Be Proud – Deliver products and services that you would be proud to put your name on.

VMware vSphere and vCloud
Microsoft Solutions Specialist
Systems Architecture
Systems Integration Specialist

Ep#25 The Secrets of Successful Podcasting with Eric Wright from DiscoPosse

What does it take to get a podcast started? Are you wondering what type of equipment you need to get started? How about some tips and tricks to save you some money while doing it yourself or maybe you’re interested in this awesome sign behind me. Joining me today is none other than the discoposse podcaster himself, Eric Wright and we’re talking all things podcasting but it doesn’t stop there….

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