Ep#19 Daily Tech Show: New Website, Office Upgrades, Swag, & Sponsor

August 18, 2021

Hi, everyone. Are you a podcaster or content creator or evangelist looking to make a move or some changes to your current set up? Are you wondering what changes I have made to my set up? Well, you know what? It takes time and no one sees all the hard work that you’re putting in leading up to that big moment.

I’ve been working at this and started over a year ago and well, I’m just getting started. I have some cool things to talk about in this episode from a new website to swag and my first sponsor!

I have some amazing guests during my show including an upcoming episode around Optimization. To be or not to be cloud optimized is the question. Be sure to like and subscribe on Youtube so you don’t miss this amazing guest!

I made some new and approved changes in recent weeks, thanks to the help of my wife and a fellow podcaster called Disco Posse. If you haven’t heard of him, take a look at DiscoPosse.com. And thanks to them, my office set up is awesome and turned out great. I’d like to tell you a little story of what happened in the past few weeks leading up to these changes.

You know, a few months ago I was working with a speaking coach and branding manager, and while we were working on a few items for a really important upcoming speech, I got to talk about my brand and brand awareness. And he asked me, where do I see myself in five years? You know, I’ve been asked that question before and it took me a few moments to answer them. I see myself as a global technical post who is funny, entertaining and educational around public clouds. A talk show host came to mind. I wasn’t sure that I should say that out loud or that I see myself as one. He took a moment and he said, do you see yourself as the Oprah of tech? Boy, I love that idea. And I thought, well, yeah, let’s do it.

But after a few minutes, I thought, yeah, I think her show is a little too serious for me, and I really enjoy what Ellen does on her show. She’s a comedian turned show host that brings fun, entertaining and educational guests to her show. She’s knowledgeable about the things that are going on.

How about the Ellen of tech? Maybe I thought, and the more I think about it, that’s who I aspire to be like in the tech world.

Now, leading up to this very past weekend, even if you are not a country fan or as big of one like myself, you must know who Luke Bryan is. He just released a mini series called My Dirt Road Diary. I have to tell you this show was not only touching but very inspirational in the amount of personal challenges and adversity that he went through. You know, I won’t get into much of the series, but something that stuck with me was that no matter what, whether he was with friends, family on stage, or performing for fans he was himself having fun, engaging and entertaining his fans. That is something that I want to bring to my show. Really, to summarize it up, this is who I am on the Ellen of Tech and the Luke Bryan of podcasting bringing you weird, quirky, entertaining and an educational podcast. No matter what, you will always get the real me.

Alright, alright, enough of the serious stuff. I now have a new and improved website! It’s still a work in progress, but I could not wait for you to check it out and let me know what you think! It will show you everything that you get from my YouTube channel and more!

Also coming soon, my podcast will be made available on Spotify just as soon as I can figure out some of the RSS feed requirements for Spotify. So we’re getting there. Okay, now all you have to do is just go to Jonmyer.com yes, that’s right my name dot com.

Ok, guess what? I have even more exciting news!!!

I just got my first diabolical sponsor and it’s none other than the diabolical coffee guy himself. Mr. Eric Wright. Huge shout out to him. You want to use the promo code MYER! Yes, that’s right. M-Y-E-R for 10% off amazing coffee.

So, a little back story on my office. When I started working from home I decided I needed a whiteboard to use as a breakout room. So, I purchased a whiteboard! My kids absolutely loved it. They draw on it all the time.

In the last couple of months, I wanted an upgrade to improve my recording and content. I wanted some lighting in there. So I changed the trim, and put some LED lights around it. But you couldn’t really see them in the full picture. I made some other changes, and put some acoustic tiles on the side to improve my sound quality. The whiteboard created a glare during my recordings so I covered it with white paper.

You know, things were looking really good. But…it still didn’t have what I was looking for. So, two weeks ago I took everything down!

I was quickly reminded that the wall was once used as a dart wall so I had to spackle the whole wall. Next up was painting! And speaking of painting of it, I was actually gonna paint it white but the day before I was gonna paint, I had a call with my buddy Eric and he said it’s got to be dark, man, because your lighting will offset the white balance that is coming from the camera. And I thought to myself, wow, I’m glad I didn’t paint it white. And I’m glad we had this call. So I quickly went out and got some paint and painted it a dark gray. The paint looked awesome but I told my wife I needed to change my background. It was just so…plain.

She looked online for some signs and she’s like, how about this? How about that one? And I sent out a couple of inquiries and got a quote, $1500!

Guess what? I built one myself from scratch and it cost me less than $150 over the course of the week.

Bam! I had a new amazing sign and the perfect background for my recordings. Okay, sign is full on LEDs. You want blue? We got blue. You’re on green. We’ll go green. You have got to checkout my video to see how my homemade sign turned out!

Well, I am going to wrap up this episode!

Remember, you can get the swag off my website, some cool coffee from our awesome sponsor my latest post and blog at jonmyer.com.

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I hope you enjoyed until next time.