Ep#137 Automation for Cloud Cost Optimization and New Tools – Part 5 of 7

June 6, 2023

Episode Summary

Welcome back to the Jon Myer Podcast, live from the electrifying city of Las Vegas at the renowned Blue Wire Studios, nestled within the prestigious Wynn resort. Today, we embark on the fifth installment of our captivating seven-part mini-series. In this episode, we delve into a compelling topic: "Automation for Cloud Cost Optimization 2.0 and does it require new tooling?"

Join us as we explore the transformative power of automation in the realm of Cloud Cost Optimization 2.0. Our esteemed guests from ProsperOps, TD Synnex, CloudZero, and Xosphere bring their expertise and insights to the forefront as we unravel the benefits and challenges of leveraging automation for optimizing cloud costs.

In this thought-provoking discussion, we examine the evolving landscape of tooling and technology. Discover how automation is reshaping cloud cost optimization strategies and whether new tooling is necessary to fully embrace this paradigm shift. Gain valuable insights into the opportunities and considerations surrounding the integration of automation into cloud cost optimization practices.

Welcome back to the Jon Myer Podcast, where we delve into the intersections of technology, finance, and cloud management. Get ready to expand your understanding, challenge traditional approaches, and explore the world of automation in Cloud Cost Optimization 2.0. The conversation begins now.