Ep#136 What’s the Difference between Cloud 2.0 and FinOps? – Part 4 of 7

June 5, 2023

Episode Summary

Welcome back to the Jon Myer Podcast, coming to you live from the captivating city of Las Vegas at the esteemed Blue Wire Studios, situated within the magnificent Wynn resort. Today, we continue our riveting seven-part mini-series, and in this fourth installment, we explore an intriguing question: "What's the difference between Cloud Cost Optimization 2.0 and FinOps?"

In this thought-provoking episode, we unravel the nuances between two groundbreaking approaches: Cloud Cost Optimization 2.0 and FinOps. Our distinguished guests from ProsperOps, TD Synnex, CloudZero, and Xosphere join us once again, sharing their profound insights and expertise.

Join us as we dissect the evolution of cloud cost optimization and the emergence of the FinOps framework. Delve into the distinctions and synergies between these two approaches, and gain a comprehensive understanding of their respective benefits, methodologies, and outcomes for businesses navigating the cloud landscape.

Welcome back to the Jon Myer Podcast, where we explore the forefront of technology, finance, and cloud management. Get ready to broaden your perspective, challenge conventional wisdom, and gain valuable insights into the differences between Cloud Cost Optimization 2.0 and FinOps. The conversation begins now.

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