Ep#135 How are Partners helping with Cloud Cost Optimization 2.0? – Part 3 of 7

June 5, 2023

Episode Summary

Welcome back to the Jon Myer Podcast, broadcasting live from the vibrant city of Las Vegas at the prestigious Blue Wire Studios, nestled within the luxurious Wynn resort. Today, we continue our captivating seven-part mini-series, and in this third installment, we delve into an essential topic: "How are partners helping with cloud cost optimization?"

In this enlightening episode, we explore the vital role that partners play in helping organizations navigate the complexities of cloud cost optimization. Our special guests from ProsperOps, TD Synnex, CloudZero, and Xosphere bring their expertise and firsthand experiences to the forefront as we uncover the valuable contributions made by partners in this realm.

Join us as we dive deep into the strategies, tools, and collaborative approaches employed by partners to drive cloud cost optimization. From managed services providers to cloud solution architects, discover how these partners leverage their expertise to assist businesses in maximizing their cloud investments while maintaining cost efficiency.

Welcome back to the Jon Myer Podcast, where we unravel the intricacies of technology, finance, and cloud management. Get ready to gain valuable insights, explore innovative solutions, and understand how partners are revolutionizing cloud cost optimization. Tune in as we embark on this enlightening conversation: How are partners helping with cloud cost optimization? The discussion starts now.