Ep#191 Maximizing AWS Cloud Financial Management with Bina Khimani

April 30, 2024

Episode Summary

#finops #awscloud #costoptimization

Join Jon Myer in Episode #191 of his podcast as he dives into AWS Cloud Financial Management (CFM) with special guest Bina Khimani, Director of Product Management and Go-To-Market at AWS Insights. They discuss the latest tools, the importance of cost optimization, and strategies for enhancing financial operations on AWS. Whether you're new to CFM or seeking to optimize your current setup, this episode provides essential insights and practical tips directly from an AWS expert. Don't forget to like, subscribe, and hit the notification bell for more insightful discussions!

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About the Guest

Bina Khimani

is a Director of Project Management and Go-To-Market for AWS Insights and Optimizations. She has been with Amazon Web Services for over seven years. She has 20+ years of experience leading product management, engineering, business and partner development and cloud migration teams. Bina has built high impact, global teams and business. She has partnered with a set of Silicon Valley startups as well as fortune 100 enterprise clients to innovate together.  She has also served as a Faculty at Golden Gate University, San Francisco.

#aws #awscloud #finops #cloudcomputing #costoptimization

Episode Show Notes & Transcript

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