BREAKING NEWS Sandy Carter leaves AWS for a Startup

December 8, 2021


My team once had an Oscar type event and presented it to me that showcased my character. My oscar was a gigantic exclamation point which they said represented passion, leadership and success.

I have loved every role I have played including General Management, Sales, Start-up Management, Marketing , Strategy, and Ecosystem Development. Some of my favorites have involved turnaround executive management and creation of new categories like SOA, Smarter Workforce, and Ecosystems. I have the ability to manage multi disciplinary projects and to navigate complex situations, solving them with both simplicity and teamwork.

My professional value boils down to the following:

– High performing executive in digital transformation

– I am multi-lingual in a technology driven business. I speak fluent geek, sales, digital, marketing, intrapreneur, client success, and leadership. Having experience in multiple disciplines means understanding, and understanding means fewer missed opportunities. Strong executive management.

– My family and friends are core to who I am.

– People are drawn to my energy. Some call me the original Energizer Bunny.

– I live Social and have since the blog was born.

– I create and innovate daily with big ideas that lead to being named One of the Top 10 Women in Technology due to my product innovation.

– Lots of people have vision and big ideas, but execution is what matters. I am an execution machine.

– I am a data driven executive but apply my intuition to all decisions.

– I don’t care who gets the credit but passionately drive for success of the team and my company.

– I care about people and causes. I mentor extensively. My legacy in what really matters is in these areas.

I love networking. Reach out to me any time to talk entrepreneurship, digital, social, geek, women in technology or changing the world.

Specialties: Sales, Leadership, Management, Technical Business Development, Entrepreneurship, Digital, Marketing, Strategy

Technology Expertise: Cloud, Internet of Things, Mobile, Social