Cloud Optimization vs Cost Optimization

September 14, 2022
Headshots - New v2

Cloud Optimization vs Cost Optimization or are we saying the same thing?

Let's talk about cloud optimization versus cost optimization. Well guess what cost optimization is a part of cloud optimization. What is cost optimization? Let's do use the traditional terms of rightsizing eliminating waste, unused resources, turn things off, tagging, set up your cost and usage reports, budgeting, everything that goes along with it. Oh, and don't forget to turn off those instances. You aren't even using EBS volumes for EC2 instances that don't existed anymore, or aren't even being in use. Cloud optimization is using the cloud for what it was meant to be the elasticity, the scalability, and the high availability of the cloud. If you wanna talk specifics with AWS, it's using managed services or shifting left. Yes, it's an overused term. But think about it, managed services of Lambda EKS, or you want to use some other services of SNS SQS or whatever services and use the cloud for what it was meant to be.

You want to cloud optimize and not just spin up resources, use auto scaling whenever it's possible. Spot instances. If you want to use those, not only for cost savings, but your optimizing, your environment, high availability.

What about RDS? Use the managed service? Why spin up EC2? When you can already use an RDS instance to actually do the work that's needed for you, and guess what? You don't have to spin up multiple around there. Not only are you being cost conscious, but you're using the cloud for what it was meant to be. Cloud optimization, not versus cost optimization, but with cost optimization included. Just think about this, right? If you want cost optimization, you're trying to minimize the cost, use smaller resources, less resources, your instance types, even better volumes. And another one I'm gonna talk about shortly for cost savings tips is Amazon S3, but with cloud optimization, you're taking in an effect of the ability of your application and using it and for what the cloud was meant to be. Wait, John, why do you keep saying this? That's right. You're not trying to duplicate your data center in the cloud. Yes. Sometimes it's necessary. And then you do the, you know, seven R'S of refactor, reforming, retire, and repurposing and all the other ones that are out there. Okay. I hope you enjoyed this quick one on cloud optimization with cost optimization efforts until next time.