AWS re:invent 2023 – FinOps • Cost Optimization • Cloud Financial Management – Tuesday – Venetian

November 14, 2023

Episode Summary

AWS re:invent 2023 - FinOps, Cost Optimization, Cloud Financial Management - Tuesday - Venetian, Wynn, and Caesars Forum

#finops #awscloud #costoptimization #awsreinvent #lvreinvent23 #awsreinvent23 #reinvent23

CMP211 ➡️ Smart Savings: amazon Ec2 Cost-optimization strategies (Caesars Forum)

SEC108-S ➡️ Reckoning with Ransomware: How to recover (Sponsored by Veeam) (Venetian)

NET207 ➡️ Network Cost Optimization on AWS (Wynn)

CON326-S ➡️ Reinvent your cloud strategy: Optimize Performance & Cut Cloud Costs (Wynn)

PRT201-S ➡️ FinOps on AWS: Accelerated outcomes to maximize ROI (Sponsored by CDW) (Venetian)

COP342 ➡️ Advanced Analytics with AWS Cost and Usage Reports (Wynn)

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