Ep# 1 Daily Tech Show | Amazon QuickSight with Tia Dubuisson

June 23, 2021

About Tia Dubuisson

The main reason we started Belle Fleur Technologies was to support your vision.
Do you have terabytes (TBs) or petabytes (PBs) of data?
Do you need to convert the 3 V’s (Variety, Volume, Velocity) into a centralized Data Lake for Real-time analytics and Business Intelligence?
Do you need AI/ML around your data to be predictive with your analytics?
Would you like to know what can Blockchain do for you?

Let us transform data insights into your greatest asset!

We configure cutting edge software solutions for customers that are interested in a transformation where they lead and not follow. Utilizing tools like Agile methodology and data analytics on the cloud to develop industries and make way for new ways of doing business. Re-inventing traditional business models to improve performance on average by 1000% and increase productivity by 300% is very exciting and motivating for us at Belle Fleur. At Belle Fleur we are focused on what our clients tell us matter most.

Enough reading let’s set up a quick chat to discuss your current data project.